Why Exercise Bikes are Good for Your Body?

Exercise bikes, also known as stationary bike, alludes to the modern fitness machine that conveniently sits at home for your personal and private exercise.

Although not necessarily the perfect all in one exercising mega-station, a good stationary bike can be the best vehicle to get some cardio in.

Biking is the cardio choice of the greats, because its fun and you can do it until you reach a ripe old age without worrying about knee problems.

Actually it benefits the knees because it stimulates the surrounding muscles that sustain them.

Exercising for cardio is not only for professional bikers or marathon runners. Amateur as well as beginning weightlifters also benefit from a good aerobic workout, specially when it’s time to cut up (lean out).

Biking is a swift way to get this done because you just have to set the bike besides the training bench, this way constructing the ultimate home personal gym. Nothing but dumbbells, barbells and a bike to propel fat burning. Like many would say, this would be exercising the true old school way without any hocus pocus, just focus!

When used for exercise, a bicycle can help you drop body bat and shape your butt. Bikes of all kind can accomplish this worthy mission, be it conventional dirt, stationary, upright, or recumbent biking. The challenge lies in turning the exercise workout into a manageable and constant workout you can keep constant day after day for weeks, months and years.

To get the best recumbent exercise bike for weight reduction, you have to utilize protection. You can set the protection level in view of your wellness level and your objective for the ride. It is critical that you don't set the protection too high when you are first beginning.

Remember that 90% of your workout schedule is in your head, the other 10% can be greatly assisted by an exercise bike, so get motivated and follow through to create the physique of your dreams.

Why you should limit your cardio duration?

Although this blog doesn’t focus on cardiovascular fitness articles, we’ll take a look on how a fitness regime affects your heart in this article. Many people entering the fitness world make the mistake of wanting to do too much exercise at once.

Health experts don’t help when they declare that we all need a full hour of exercise to reap better heart benefits. The experts don’t lie when they say that an hour of exercise daily can do wonders for your cardiovascular system, but in the real world it’s hard to even think about getting thirty minuets of exercise per day. The good news is that while an hour can provide optimum cardiac benefits, just 20 minutes of activity can significantly impact sedentary people.

20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per day can improve a person’s cardiac profile dramatically. You can reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and improve blood lipid profile by raising your good cholesterol and lowering your bad cholesterol. It’s been shown in various studies that just exercising 2.5 hours a week can reduce your cardiovascular risk by 30%-50%.

So if you decide to embark upon a fitness journey don’t bring yourself down because you can’t perform an hour of exercise a day. Remember that with just 20 minutes you’re way ahead of the gang. Either if you're jogging or using an exercise bike, it's a smart move not to over-train.

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